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At NeuClear Health & Fitness, our mission is you!


Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain, or trying to increase performance, we have a program to fit your needs. Whatever your goals, we want to help you achieve them.




We utilize advanced technology with the RFP method.




Phase 1 – Testing

We make sure that the neurological signal you need to turn on your muscles can get to where it needs to go. If it can’t, no matter the amount of therapy or exercise you do, it will be difficult to accumulate progress.


Phase 2 – Scanning and Diagnostics

Even if the muscles are working, you may still have compensation patterns. For whatever reason, your brain may be restricting the output of certain muscles in an attempt to protect your body from injury. We can find those areas using non-invasive techniques, and help to eliminate them.


Phase 3 – Reprogramming

Also known as Neuro-Muscular Re-Education, We work with you, utilizing advanced technology to safely remove restrictions and improve neuro-muscular control of the areas causing compensation.










Eliminate pain at the source through our neuro-diagnostic rehab process!


Increase fitness and endurance by building lean muscle up to 5 times the normal metabolic rate!


Unlock your full potential by activating up to 75% more muscle than conventional methods!




★★★★★ I met Ian, about 3 months ago, I was very interested in all he was telling me about what he did and the results he got. Let me just say how thankful that I am and what he does. You have to check him out! Fantastic results ♥️♥️♥️

Loretta H

★★★★★ Amazed at the results. 1 hour session feel like getting in a 3 hour workout. Awesome nevertheless. Did my upper body for my first workout and felt sore for the next 3 days. It’s like having a personal trainer on your side pushing you to your limit. Excited to try my next session.

Andrew M

★★★★ So at first I was very hesitant on the actual process of this type of rehab/physical fitness. Mainly based on the fact that no one else in the immediate area was offering such a practice. So the first day I was muscle tested and asked about problem areas, which for me was my right throwing shoulder from years of improper throwing a baseball and my knees from catching. So Ian Rude was able to relieve some immediate pain by a deep tissue/pressure point activation. Super confusing because the places he was digging in was no where near my problem area. But to my surprise I found immediate relief. The next step was to do some basic movements like shoulder raises and camshafts with his electric pads connected to my right upper body. The pain at first was excruciating because I was actually activating my muscles correctly more than likely for the first time in my life. The levels of intensity are directly controlled by how bad you want to be helped, you can have them bump it up or turn it down depending on your choice. I would highly recommend this practice for any type of joint or muscle pain from incorrect use, or just over use of daily life. The routine is normally 30 minutes to an hour long depending on pain intensity and pain areas. Very devoted people who strongly believe in Jesus Christ and treat us as His brothers and sisters.

Josh B

★★★★★ I spent 4 years on various medications for PsA & fibro with little relief, simple tasks like doing my hair or stirring a pot on the stove had become something I dreaded. After 2 short sessions with Ian the intense pain in my shoulder is gone. I’m able once again to do normal daily activities without hating life and without needing a break. I highly reccomend anyone who has went through traditional medicine with or without success to to try them. Life itself is worth this. ❤

Heather H

★★★★ Background – As a former high school and collegiate athlete with a competitive nature, I attempt to maintain a high level of activity. Strength training, running (trail/road/long distance), mountain biking, obstacle course racing, ice hockey are all on the menu. I have suffered my share of injuries and have seen many doctors, ortho, PT, chiropractors in search of a fix to what were ‘symptoms’ to bigger problems. NeuClear Health & Fitness took the time to listen to where my problem points were and my experiences with the activities I enjoy. Rather than focus on those areas specifically, they were able to identify the root problem. Whether it was inactive or overactive muscle groups, the nervous system sending the wrong signal to recruit the wrong muscle groups, being sympathetic dominant, NeuClear was able to activate/release muscle groups, improve mobility and flexibility, and assist with ‘retraining’ the mind and body how to properly move. It was outside of the box physical therapy. Some results included more foot/ankle mobility than I ever thought possible, extremely reduced knee pain, and the right muscle groups working that I actually caught myself saying ‘Oh, that’s what that should feel like.’ The guys of NeuClear Health & Fitness are good Christian men and the methods used are above many I have experienced in Northwest AR.

Ken H